Popular Questions…What to Wear?
Here are some suggestions for what to wear and what to bring to photoshoot.
BE BOLD use color-

Wear clothing that makes you feel confident!!!!

Colors that make your skin coloring.
The best clothing is the ones that fit your body just right. Clothing that makes you feel confident. Clothing that drapes nicely around your body without pulling or tugging. Your inner confidence will show in the photos.

Christmas Cards-  Black pants and white shirts look cute.  Plaid Dresses are cute with Cowboy boots.

Shades of Greens are beautiful and Reds.

For the BEACH
Some color palates that are really nice and classy are hues of blues, whites and Red white and Navy combo.
Combinations of Greens and Kakis are nice as well. White photographs nicely as well. NO LOGO or Loud Prints. Stripes are ok in moderation. Strips horizontal appear to make thing look bigger. Vertical Stripes make a person look longer. Solids look ideal.

Choose clothing that is classic and the photos will look timeless.

Glasses– When being photographed in glasses the usually is a glare. Most time it is preferred to be photograph without.

Hats are a good touch for some photos not recommended for all photos.

Please eat before you come and drink plenty of water.

Please do not feed children sugar before photoshoots.  

Please Bring
Shirts that are ironed
Change of shoes-Proper shoes 
Your beautiful smile!
Your Great Attitude!